Ct4750 Driver Windows 7 64 Bit

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I'm new to this forum and am glad to see someone else dealing with the same problem I'm having. Unfortunately what worked for BPM150 didn;t work for me. Maybe I downloaded the wrong Kx file? I tried both files listed as 9/8/2009 on the Kx mirror site mentioned in previous post as well as the newest file not listed with 64x or 86x. They resulted in crashing my system with a blue screen etc. Inti illimani youtube. I did system restore and tried again to no avail. I also tried the SB P17X Series Support Pack 2.0 (OUTDATED) - Audig.. - Creative Labs which didn't work either.
I have a Dell Dimension 8200 32 bit which I bought back in 2001 and has served me well (just added that my BIOS is A03). Just upgraded it to Win 7 Ultimate to better communicate with other machines I am now using also on Win 7. Everything seems to work fine after installing new drivers etc except for:
-Ethernet controller
-Multimedia Audio Controller
-PCI Input Device
Any other ideas or suggestions on getting the sound card to work? I live and work here in Siberia - yes, Siberia - and they have limited resources and parts are hard to find. I just got back here after time in the States and want to get this resolved so my wife and kids can use the system for school etc.
Do I just need to order from the States something like the adapter listed below to avoid the problem?
Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro II Virtual 5.1 Surround Channels USB Interface Analog & Digital Audio Adapter
Appreciate any insights or ideas. Will try the Kx drivers again - maybe.
Hope someone can help me fix this!

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