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  • User ManualMT-1C GPS Tracker(Vehicle/Motorcycle)

    1. SpecificationGSM module MTK program, GSM 850/900/1800/1900Support TCP protocolGPS Chipset U-BLOX 7020(Support GPS/Glonass/Galileo/Compass)GPS sensitivity -162dBHot start 1sec.,averageWarm start 30 sec.,averageCold Start 35 sec, average

  • Altitude Limit 18,000 meters (60,000feet) max.2.Wiring connectionsRed (+)12V -24VBlack GND(-)Yellow Cut oilOrange ACC


    3.Work ModeThis tracker have two work mode which is SMS and GPRS Mode. SMS mode is for off linetracking by Mobile phone. GPRSMode is for on line tracking by computer and mobile phone .Operating temperature -20C65CBattery Volume 50mAhDimension 89mm51mm15mmVoltage 10V 45VAverage Current When stand-by

  • 2. Work Mode Exchange :SMS Mode Command700+ user passwordEg: 7000000Reply: SET MODE OK, CURRENT MODE: SMSGPRS Mode Command710+ user passwordEg: 7100000Reply: SET MODE OK, CURRENT MODE: GPRS3. Change user passwordCommand: 777+new password +old password (4 figures)Eg: 77712340000Reply: SET USER PASSWORD OK4. Request the single positionCommand: 666+ user passwordeg: 6660000Reply: when the tracker receive the command, then will send the position with longitude andlatitude5. Request location with Google map URL linkCommand : 669+ user passwordEg: 6690000Command: Reply : When the tracker receive the command, tracker will send a Google link to thesender

    6. Command Get Daily report:Command : 665+ user password+HHMMExample66500001022ReplySET DAILY REPORT OKNote: HH stands for hour with defined range of [00, 23]. MM stands for minute with definedrange of [00, 59].

    Close daily report function: 665+password+OFFDefaultExample6650000OFFReplySET DAILY REPORT OFF

    7. Geo- FenceTurn On Geo-fenceCommand: 211+ passwordEg: 2110000Reply: GEO-FENCE ONSet Geo Fence Command: 005+user password+Rzzz.zE.g: 0050000R1.0 (1000M)Reply: GEOFENCE ONTurn geo-fence offCommand: 210+ passwordEg: 2100000

  • Reply: GEO-FENCE OFF8. Battery low voltage alertWhile device detect internal battery is low power, it will send coordinate message withSTATE:LOW P OWER9 .Alert while power offOpen the power off alert Command: 011 + user passwordeg: 0110000Reply: POWERALARM ONClose the power off alert Command: 010 + user passwordeg: 0100000Reply: POWERALARM OFF

    10. Power cutCut power: 940+passwordEg: 9400000Enable power: 941+passwordEg:9410000

    11. Mileage Statistics(Software Support)Set initial mileage value (zero clearing)Command: 142+PWEg : 1420000Reply : MILEAGE STATISTICS RESET OKEg : 1420000M1000Reply : SET TOTALMILEAGE OK,CURRENT1000Note: M is delimiter, X is initial mileage value with unit of meterRead current mileageCommand: 143 + user 1430000Reply : MILEAGE STATISTICS:ONCURRENT TOTALMILEAGE:XX.12. Time ZoneCommand: 896 + user password + D + NNEg: 8960000E08Reply : TIME ZONE SET OK,CURRENTE8.Note : D takes E or W to indicate east or west time zone respectively. N takes a 2-digit number(1-12) to indicate time zonenumber.13.Overspeed AlarmCommand : #122#user password#X##Eg: #122#0000#120##Reply: SET RATE LIMIT:120Close command : #122#0000#0##Note : X is speed benchmark value, which is an integral number. unit is KM/H with defineddomain of [0, 999].

  • 14. Tow alarmTurn on tow truck alert: 181 + user password + TXEg: 181000015 (15 seconds)Reply : TOWEDALERT ONTurn off tow truck alert: 180 + user passwordEg: 1800000Reply : TOWEDALERT OFFNote: X is the continuous time, the wide is 15100, the unit is second15. Set Defence Alarm ON/OFFSet Up Defence712+passwordEg7120000ReplySF OKSet Down Defence713+passwordEg 7130000ReplyCF OK

    16. Set Access Point Name (APN)Command1#803#user password#APN##eg#803#0000#CMNET##Command2 : #803#user password#APN#APN user name#APNpassword##Reply: SET GPRS APN OK17. Set server IP address and PortCommand#804#user password# IP # Port ##Eg:#804#0000# SET SERVER IPAND PORT OK18. Set Data upload interval timeCommand#805#user password# X #1## (ACC ON)eg#805#0000#12#1##Reply: SET GPS SAMPLING TIMEAND QUANTITY OKCommand#809#user password# X #1## (ACC OFF)eg#809#0000#480#1##Reply: GPRS REPORT SAMPLING 2 OKNote : X is mean interval time, the unit is secondsthe wide is10599991 is mean the intervalquantity, when X=0,Close the upload function

    Specail Command :1Reset Command : *RESET#0000##2Restart Command *RESTART#0000##3Read the current setup information Command: *RCONF# and *RCONF1#

    Track by 900D web based tracking software Setup.

  • Please follow above commands to set ip,port(IP is, port 8000), andAPN, data upload interval.

    Then please go to http://900d.igpstracking.netEnter the user name and password we provided. After log in, please go to Data Manage-AssetManage, click Add

    Asset Name: Define by yourself; you can enter A-Z number or Numeric

    Very Important Note: Terminal ID and Plate number are unique on the software, you can addonce only, you need to delete it from database before adding it again. Only admin account candelete id from database, general user cannot. You do not need to delete and re-add if the devicecannot work on software, because it's caused by your wrong sms setting, not the software.

    Terminal Type: Do not choose.

    Absolution More info in the!

    SIM card: the SIM card phone number you put in MT-1 or any number.

    Device ID: On the vehicle of MT-1, you can find the Device ID.

    Asset Password: define by yourself.

    Click 'Submit', and then you add the GPS tracker MT-1 successfully on the software 900D.

  • Wait few seconds, and you will see the GPS Tracker online icon on software

    Put a check mark on the device, and right click, you will see the menu as below picture. Now youcan track online.

    Attention: For 900D GPS Software, 'Monitor' and 'Number Plate' must be checked till thefont becomes blue, then the GPS tracker will update location automatically on map.Likebelow picture:

    ContactsIf you encounter any problems when using our products, and cannot solve them by yourself,please contact our technical support team by writing an E-Mail to us. We will be pleased to helpyou.

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