Matsui Ec 1000 User Manual

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Summary of Contents for Matsui EC1000

  • Page 1 Model EC1000 EVAPORATIVE COOLER..
  • Page 2 Know your evaporative cooler Please read these instructions before using your evaporative cooler. Information 1. Air vents 2. Vertical angle levers 3. Horizontal angle strips 4. Control panel 5. Water level indicator 6. Water inlet 7. Filter cover 8. Filter 9.
  • Page 3 Information and advice S a f e t y f i r s t ! • • Your evaporative cooler should be used in such a way that it Do not press the buttons on the control panel with anything is protected from moisture.
  • Page 4 Using your evaporative cooler D o n o t u s e y o u r c o o l e r i n h a z a r d o u s a r e a s . Information If you overfill the water tank, place in an empty bath and remove the..
  • Page 5 Information You can also use the TIMER SWITCH – Each SWING SWITCH – The air COOLER BUTTON – The press operates the cooler vent will swing vertically to units as just a fan if water conveyor belt will roll for thirty minute intervals spread the air flow.
  • Page 6 Troubleshooting and Specifications Problems and possible solutions There is no cool air coming out of the cooler – Fill the water tank with cold water or ice packs or re-freeze the ice packs. The force of air coming from the unit is weak – Try washing the removable filter with warm water. The unit does not work –..

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