Bump Of Chicken Jupiter Rar 320kbps

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Status: Active

Guitar: Hiroaki Masukawa
Drums: Hideo Masu
Lamp [Single] (25.01.1999)
01. LAMP

Tentai Kansoku [Single] (14.03.2001)
01. Tentai Kansoku
02. Bye Bye Thank You

Jupiter [Album] (20.02.2002)
01. Stage of the ground
02. Tentai kansoku
03. Title of mine
04. Catch Ball
05. Harujion
06. Bench of Coffee
07. Melody
08. Bell
09. Diamond
10. Dandelion
11. In my heart, in my nikke

LOST MAN/Sailing day [Single] (12.03.2003)
02. Sailing day

Flame vein [Reissue Album] (28.04.2004)
01. Arue
02. Battle Cry
03. Danny
04. Glass no Blues
05. Knife
06. Kudaranai Uta
07. Little Braver
08. No hit No run
09. Totteoki no Uta

01. Best picture
02. Ending
03. Everlasting lie
04. Glorious revolution
05. Gungil
06. K
07. Lamp
08. Lily
09. Opening
10. Tuzuku daranai uta

Yggdrasil [Album] (25.09.2004)
01. Asgard
02. Only Lonely Glory
03. Joushaken
04. Guild
05. embrace
06. Sailing Day
07. Onaji Door wo kuguretara
08. Sharin no Uta
09. Snow Smile
10. Rem
11. fire sign
12. Taiyou
14. midgard
15. O-to-ga-me Heart (Hidden Track)

01. Sharin no Uta
02. Yume no kainushi
03. Sunno Sumairu ~ringing version~

Planetarium [Single] (21.07.2005)
01. Planetarium
02. Ginga Tetsudou
03. Ika (Hidden)

01. Supernova
02. Karma
03. Wasshoi (Hidden Track)
04. Dosukoi

Song for the tales of the Abyss [Album] (22.03.2006)
01. Futa ~quartet~
02. Meaning of Birth
03. Promise
04. Time raise The cross
05. in between 1 and 0
06. Place in the Sun
07. Mirrors
08. Finish the Promise
09. Futa ~Song by Tear~
10. Promise ~live~
11. Karma
12. Abyss
13. Futa ~solo~

01. Namida no Furusato
02. Makka na sora wo mita darouka
03. Orusuban

Mayday [Single] (24.10.2007)
01. Mayday
02. Glass no Blues (28 years round)
03. Stardust Dance Hall (Hidden Track)

01. Voyager
02. Hoshi no Tori
03. Mayday
04. Sainoujin Ouenka
05. Planetarium
06. Supernova
07. Hammer Song to Itami no Tou
08. Jikuu Kakurenbo
09. Kasabutabutabu
10. Hana no Na
11. Hitori Goto
12. Amedama no Uta
13. Hoshi no Tori reprise
14. Karma
15. Arrows
16. namida no Furusato
17. flyby

01. Laugh Maker
02. Bye Bye Thank You
03. Kanojo to Hoshi no Isu
04. Holiday
05. Ever lasting lie (Acoustic Version)
06. Suimin Jikan
07. Yume no Kainushi
08. Sunoo Sumairu ~ringing version~
09. Ginga Tetsudou
10. Makka na Sora wo mitadarouka
11. Tokyo Sanka
12. Glass no Blues (28 years round)
13. Present

01. R.I.P.
02. Merry Christmas
03. New World Summit (Secret Track)

02. pinkie
03. Love Triangle, Kimi to Boku to Inchou ver.

Mahou no Ryouri ~Kimi kara Kimi e~ [Single] (21.04.2010)
01. Mahou no Ryouri ~Kimi kara Kimi e~
02. Caravan
03. Sannin no Oujisan

01. Mitsuboshi Quartetto
02. R.I.P.
03. Weather Report
04. Funbetsu Funtouki
05. Motorcycle
06. Toumei Hikousen
07. Mahou no Ryouri~Kimi kara Kimi e~
09. Rokujuuroku Gousen
10. Sait Elmo no Hi
11. angel fall
12. Uchuuhikoushi e no Tegami
13. Innocent
14. beautiful glider
15. bonus track

02 - Aruku Yuurei
Good Luck [Single] (18.01.2012)
01 -グットラック
02 - ディアマン
firefly [Single] (12.09.2012)
01 - firefly
02 - bp
03 - Audio Track 07

BUMP OF CHICKEN I <1999-2004> [Album] (2013.07.03)
1. ガラスのブルース
2. くだらない唄
3. ランプ
4. K
5. ダイヤモンド
6. 天体観測
7. ハルジオン
8. Stage of the ground
9. スノースマイル
10. ロストマン
11. sailing day
12. アルエ
13. オンリー ロンリー グローリー
14. 車輪の唄
15. faraway (Hidden Track)

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