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I'm using FinePrint to do double-sided printing on Windows XP SP2. It prints all odd pages, then you re-insert the pages and it prints the even sides. There are times I want to cancel printing before the job is finishes. To stop printing I can do one of three things. I can wait until the first side is done and press the FinePrint Cancel button; I can pull the paper out of the feeder tray; or, I can turn off the printer.
The problem is that I can't seem to flush the printer cache.
I try to delete the print job from the print queue. I says it's deleting it, but the job remains in the queue. I've tried unplugging power to the printer and launching a Command Shell to stop the spooler:
C:> net stop spooler
Plugging in power and deleting the print job again. Then restarting the spooler.
C:> net start spooler
Sometiimes this works, but not always.
So I'm thinking there must be another way. Perhaps if I remove the job from the Registry by hand.. If so, what keys would I look for?
Other ideas or suggestions?

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