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Anyone have experience with Pediatric CLIPP exam?

I go to one of those schools that uses the Peds CLIPP exam as a major part of the clerkship and final grade instead of a shelf. Most people say 'just read the case summaries/know the cases cold', but going through these cases I cant help but feel like there are important things missing/ (lots of fluff with random minutae in those cases). The biggest thing is theres no real practice questions for this thing, which is how I usually prep when I have shelf's so just trying to get some advice/ idea of what to expect of this thing (difficulty, etc). Thanks!!

TLDR: Peds clipp case exam determines our grade, dont really know how to study for it b/c cases sux

UPDATE: Took the thing. barely qualified for H ( > 88%). I will say this, knew the summaries COLD and still felt it was hard. yes 50% is perhaps verbatim there, but I'd say the other half felt very much like a shelf. Uworld and random things picked up from other rotations seemd to help

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