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Store all your Data on Skycloud with out worrying about storage ever again.
500 TB = 500,000 GB - Half a Million Gigabyte of Storage for FREE
(Sync Files on Multiple Devices from Any Device Plus with Contacts)
--- Now Works With LARGE Files --
Never lose a file again,
keep all those important files Safe with a Powerful Backup Feature
that completely backs up your device and stores all your files on your Private Cloud,
Add all your Data & Media Files,
and even Websites.
Any file type..
Access your files from anywhere,
(NEW) Browser Access:
Can easily Share from dropbox,onedrive,google drive and many more.
Instantly share files with friends and contacts as well as your very own Public Cloud that others can see.
NEW Public & Social Cloud
Collaborate with others in real time.
* Super Fast
* Multiple File Uploads, Just Tap & Hold
* Unlimited Storage
* No Speed Limit
* File Sharing (Social Feature)
* Private Cloud & Public Cloud
* (NEW) Screen Lock Protect
* (EXTRA FEATURES) Backup Restore Sync FTP
Sync:Copies All files on the Device and syncs them with your Cloud,
with automatic file arrangement. PLUS Keeps an extra folder that keeps all the files/folders
in the same structure Just like the Backup Feature but is used for Syncing instead of Backing up
Option 1
#Copies all Files from Device BUT keeps the same folder structure
so that you can restore at a later date,where as the SYNC Feature does the same but UPDATES the
sync folder on each sync as well as being able to automatically arrange files to put them in the right folder
like Images/....Files...Videos .. etc.
The Backup Feature creates a NEW folder on each backup.
Option 2
# Backup All of your SMS Messages then use the restore feature to restore your Messages on ANY device
Option 3
# Backup All of your Contacts then use the restore feature to restore your contacts on ANY device
Option 4
# Set a Custom Backup
Restore all your Files, Plus..Contacts & SMS Messages
on Any Device at any time with just a Tap on the Screen.
Download to SD card or even Local Storage.
Sync Any Device to and from Your Cloud,
Unlimited Storage on your device.
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
This is version 3.6 the next updated version with extra features will be coming real soon,
Make sure your always updated with the latest version.
(EXTRA-NOTE:) You can also plug your device in to any laptop or Pc via USB to send files from computer to device.. then simply sync with Skycloud
Skycloud Storage has been Developed by Profilecrib Ltd -
Skycloud Security
Please consider Donating to Skycloud
Protected - 50000 bit Cloud Side Encryption - Safe - Secured.
(Privacy Policy)
English, German, Russian, Chinese, More languages will be added each month.
**** API for Developers coming soon ****.
We Greatly Appreciate your Support/Ratings and Reviews,
also Any Features you would like added, just let us know.. if we think it's good we will add it for sure :)
Please get in touch.
We love your feedback and thrive to make Skycloud
better for everyone in every way we can.
Not to be associated with Sky
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