Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Book Pdf Free Download

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A very short chapter without any collectibles. Potter has realized his fate and is heading towards the Forbidden Forest to meet with Lord Voldemort. His minions however don't know that yet and will attack you.

Before going onto the bridge you will be able to defend normally, using natural covers. Problems will start further, as there will be no more covers around and you will have to use Protego. In order to survive, use a variety of spells. When one is recharging, switch to another one and keep on attacking. There's little space on the bridge, so using Confingro might be a good idea. Impedimento will also prove useful, though use other offensive spells from time to time as well.

Once you cross the bridge, the Death Eaters will note that Harry is willing to give up and will stop attacking. Listen out to what the ghosts have to say and go to Voldemort.

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