Installing Mantis On Iisdammam

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One of the first tasks in my new job was to install bug-reporting software for in-house development. I have used Mantis Bug Tracker ( before and found it easy-to-use and not overloaded with unnecessary features.

To use Mantis Bug Tracker, PHP needs to be installed first. Since the servers are Windows servers, PHP must be configured with IIS. My installation notes are listed below.

Install PHP

  1. Download PHP - (binaries - NOT installer) - provided
  2. Extract zipped PHP and save to C:php
  3. Rename php.ini-dist to php.ini (This file is in the root folder.)
  4. Add C:php to the Path variable. (Optional)
  5. In the PHP folder, locate the files php5ts.dll and php_mssql.dll and place them in the C:windows folder so they can be accessed.

Configure PHP.ini

  1. To configure mail on PHP, locate the line 'SMTP' and add the SMTP mail host and port.
  2. The following must be done so that PHP will work with IIS. To get PHP to work as a CGI for IIS, change:

;cgi.force_redirect = 1
cgi.force_redirect = 0

  1. To set up PHP to work with MS SQL, uncomment the following line under extensions:


Configure IIS and PHPto work together Tekken 5 game.

This assumes that IIS is alreadyinstalled on the web server.

First, create a new folder on the web server tostore the PHP web files.

1.Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel.

2.Double-click Administrative Tools.

3.Double-click Internet Services Manager.

4.On the Tree tab on the left, click the plus sign besideyour computer's name.

5.Underthe 'Development' node under 'Web Sites', right click on 'Development' andcreate a new Virtual Directory for the PHP websites named PHPWeb. Browse to thenew folder created at the beginning of this section. Choose read/write/accessoptions that you wish to include (can be changed later) and 'Finish' to create.This closes the wizard too.

6.Rightclick on 'Development' and view Properties.

7.Choosethe Home Directory tab, then choose Configuration (near the bottom)

8.ClickAdd, then Browse.

9.Navigateto C:PHPphp-cgi.exe, and select this. Acura nav iso torrent.

10.Add in .phpas the extension, and tick Check that file exists.

11.Now click OK on all subsequentwindows, and exit Internet Services Manager.

12.Right click on the newdirectory PHPWeb. Click the 'Documents' tab. Add index.php to the list ofdefault content pages.

Configure PHP andMSSQL

1.Downloada new copy of ntwdblib.dll - provided. (The one packaged with PHP5 is out ofdate, so it won't work if it's not replaced.)

2.Copythe file into the c:php (root) folder.

3.Alsoplace a copy of the file in c:windowssystem32

MS SQL Databaseserver

The 'mixed' SQL access should be selected; it is by defaulton the SQL server. Full album mp3.

Nothing needs changed. New users can be set up for accessingMantis Bug Tracker. Create a new user for Mantis.

Installing Mantis

1.Downloada copy of Mantis. Mantis 1.1.0 is what was used for this installation.

2.Unzipthis and put it into the new folder that was previously created for storing thePHP pages on the web server.

3.Browseto http://WEBSERVER:8080/PHPWeb/mantis

4.Ifthe database for Mantis has not been set up, you will be prompted to type inpassword/usernames/host for the database to install the 'bugtracker' databasethat Mantis uses. Type in the database host.

5.IfMSSQL is configured correctly and the password and username is correct, thedatabase creation for Mantis will be successful.

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