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1. 简介:病毒和蠕虫(Viruses & Worms)


This is the Virus & Worms Module. In the Virus & Worms module, we’ll explore how to construct viruses and worms, and teach you how to trick the user into launching them.

Each stage from creation and deployment, to replication, infection, and detection are demonstrated in the Virus & Worms module. And you’ll learn when to utilize one technique over another.

Versacheck software free. The topics explored in the Virus & Worms module include:

  • Whiteboard, which shows the interrelationship of all the basic components you’ll use for this module
  • And the following simulation labs:
    • binex Lab
    • binex2 Lab
    • Del Me Lab
    • Internet Worm Maker Thing Lab
    • JPS Lab

2. 框架

In this whiteboard lecture, we will cover viruses and worms. You'll learn how they apply specifically to viruses and worms.Worms are programs that can copy themselves across a network. It differs from a virus in that a worm can run itself, whereas a virus needs a host program to run. Learn how they apply to ethical hacking.

3. bintext使用1

bintext is a tool that extracts binary text from binary files. This lesson demonstrates how to use bintext, its results and when to use it to learn more about viruses and worms.


4. bintext使用2

This second binex lab demonstrates the analysis of binex and its uses Internet Work Maker Thing.


5. DELmE使用

The purpose of DelME is to generate code to create and analyze viruses. In this Virus and Worm simulation lab, you will learn how to create and analyze viruses. DelME forces you to critically think about what your goal is, and it teaches you how to interpret the clues provided to you from its analysis.

Windows版本:DELmE Batch Virus Generator

6. Internet Worm Maker Thing使用

This lab introduces you to Internet Worm Maker Thing. Internet Worm Maker Thing is a scripting tool used to generate code that creates viruses and worms.

Internet Worm Maker Thing is another scripting tool used to generate code that creates viruses and worms. However, with this tool, you’re able to specify criteria down to the most basic element including the actions you want it to perform, the language you want to display in and launch date.

The Internet Worm Maker Thing lab is where you discover the particulars of how you want a Virus or Worm to behave so that you identify various behaviors, and develop countermeasures to combat them.

Windows版本:Internet Worm Maker Thing

7. JPS使用 Gratis afrikaanse boeke om te download.

This is the final lab in the simulation series for the Virus & Worms module.

In this lab, you learn to use JPS which is a scripting tool that creates virus for analysis. The JPS lesson also discusses parameters by which the program can and should be used and tested safely, which is also the goal of the Ethical Hacker when pen testing Viruses and Worms.

Windows版本:JPS Virus maker

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