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April 15 2019

An efficient and comprehensive software utility designed for the development and administration of InterBase and Firebird databases

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Size: 9.3 MB

IBExpert comes across as a powerful and reliable IDE that targets the development, administration and maintenance of Firebird and InterBase databases.

IBExpert addresses professional database developers that need a comprehensive application that allows them to seamlessly build, monitor, manage and optimize databases.

Designed with full support for Firebird and Interbase, the application automatically assumes that you have one of these or both of these installed on the computer prior to its deployment.

New comers to this IDE can make use of the database demos and tutorial videos that are offered by default during the installation process. These are very helpful aids for less experienced users, although experts could also learn a thing or two about its usage by watching the demos.

IBExpert provides a rich editing environment, allowing for a streamlined workflow that enhances efficiency and maximizes productivity. The quick toolbar alongside a few menus hold all of its features well organized and ready for action.


Highlights include the script executive and the SQL editor, a query builder, a debugger that targets stored procedures, as well as an independent database designer that comes with its own scripting language.

Database performance can be quickly assessed with the aid of the Plan or Performance Analyzer, while database statistics are delivered on the spot. Code completion, diagnostics, various development assistants, as well as options to manipulate and export data to various formats, are only a few of the features that make it appealing.

All in all, IBExpert makes quite the asset for database developers, sporting all that is necessary for turning a programming concept into a valuable database that can make a difference because it has been thoroughly analyzed and tested.

Supported OS:Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

IBExpert Previous Versions

IBExpert 2013.9.24.1 IBExpert 2018.4.1.1 IBExpert 2018.06.25 IBExpert 2018.08.03 IBExpert 2018.10.01 IBExpert 2018.10.02 IBExpert 2018.10.18 IBExpert 2018.10.28 IBExpert 2018.11.14 IBExpert 2018.11.15 IBExpert 2018.12.15 IBExpert 2019.01.15
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