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Order FAQs

Q: Do I need to buy a CD-ROM version for backup

A: It is not suggested you buy CD-ROM, as CD-ROM costs an additional fee $9.95, plus the several days delivery time and the software kept being updated.
We will offer you an immediate electronic delivery with detailed download guide. It is very easy and fast, just one click, you will own the full version same as CD.
And we have a free update and retrieve policy, if you lost the program or plan to update, just please send us your initial order info, we will send you a latest new version.

Q: I have purchased your software, but have not received my software, what should I do?Q: I have received an online delivery email with download URL, but have no idea how to download?Q: I have no PayPalaccount, can I purchase with my Visa?Q: What is your refund policy?Q: I am noticed that my order has been refunded. But I still can not get my money back till now, why?

License/upgrade FAQs

Q: My computer crashes, can I re-download my software?Q: What is the difference between trial version and full version?Q: I have purchased your software, download it and install it, when I launch it, it shows trial version, why?Q: When I register, I got error 'The product key found on your computer has been detected on multiple computers....', how can I register it on my computer?Q: I have purchased your software, but I lost my registry key, how to retrieve it?Q:I download my software and register with license code, but I got 'Invalid registration information!', why?Q: I have installed my software on my computer, recently I have a new laptop. How to move it to my new laptop?Q: Do you upgrade your software? If I purchase your product, what should I do to upgrade it?

Products FAQs


TV Recorder/Player
BlazeVideo HDTV Player
BlazeVideo TV Recorder
DVD Ripper/Copy/Player
DVD Ripper
DVD Copy
Music DVD Creator
Video/Photo Editing Software
Video Editor
Video Magic
iPhone/iPod/iPad Tools
BlazeVideo iPhone Flick
BlazeVideo iPod Flick
BlazeVideo iPad Flick
iPad Video Converter
iPhone Video Converter
iPod Video Converter
DVD to iPad Converter
DVD to iPhone Converter
DVD to iPod Converter
3GP/PSP/BlackBerry Tools
3GP Video Converter
PSP Video Converter
BlackBerry Video Converter
DVD to 3GP Converter
DVD to PSP Converter
DVD to BlackBerry Converter
3GP Converter Suite
PSP Converter Suite
BlackBerry Converter Suite
Mac Software
BlazeVideo DVD Ripper Mac
Video Converter Mac
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The modern duplication technology causes it to be simple to copy anything onto DVD. DVD duplicators are actually accustomed to replicate from corporate conferences and conferences, to family videos, wedding ceremonies, parties along with other festivities. DVD duplicators make sure that your reminiscences and important videos are securely saved on durable dvds, to become loved for many years.
2. Place the DVD you need to copy within the DVD drive of the computer. In the 'Source' menu, pick the DVD-Video that you would like to repeat.
Blu-Ray Disc technologies, recognized to the whole world as Blu Ray, offers not only a media type for enjoying footage. If you'd like the very best in primary edge technology for the business project, then don't accept DVD's or other media. May be the project in HD? If it's, then do you realize blazevideo hdtv player 6.6 pro serial number that DVD's aren't Hd? Which means that you'll lose the HD when you purchase DVD for the footage. Probably the most superior video codes and audio codes can be found by Blu Ray technology. In case your project is made for business, a business or just to see relatives, for just about any media project it's clearly better to choose Blu Ray encoding.
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Click Here to Download Blazevideo HDTV Player Now!
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