Ultimate Mechquest Trainer Hack V1 2

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Hi everybody its me Wasabi654
Im here to show You how to hack and get
Nova Gem items in Mechquest
1.Download SpookMQ 6.5
2.Download SinnedMQ
3.Put them in the desktop
4.Extract them
5.Open both and click Data
6.In Sinned MQ there is an object called
Spooks Shoplifter Copy Paste to data on
7.Close All programs
8.Open SpookMQ
9.Go to a shop with Nova Gem Item
10.Click load swf
11.Click Spook’s Shoplifter
12.Click Show List
13.Click the item in the list
14.Click Steal
And your done
Warning: the item is only temporary
But you can keep doing this
All credit goes to
Taylorisguitarded for the video in youtube
Spooks for SpookMQ
And Akusin for SinnedMQ

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