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App ini hanya tersedia di App Store untuk perangkat iOS.

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Are you ready to discover the newest super cool ringtone collection? Find a new call sound that you will never want to change again! The most amazing alarm ringtones are here, so let the high pitch melodies help you become fresh and ready for a new day! Download Cool Wake Up Alarm Clock Ringtone.s – Funny Alert Tones and Loud Noises with Sound Effect.s and find the perfect new text message sound for your iPhone! Let the coolest tones entertain you and give you a dose of adrenaline that you need!
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**** Wake up alarm ringtones – special edition of music ringtones!
**** Plenty of high quality sounds and ringtones inspired by the coolest alarm clock sounds!
**** Set the sound as a ringtone, text tone, new voicemail, new mail, sent mail, tweet, Facebook post, calendar alerts, reminder alerts..
**** Simple interface: tap on the play button to hear the wanted ringtone and pick the one you like the most
**** Listen to alarm clock tones, super cool melodies and many more popular music ringtones every time your phone rings!
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*** The best high pitch melodies are here! ***
Be recognized by your ringtone sound and remind everyone that you are always ready for a new challenge! The inspiring melodies are here to make you forget all about the old, boring tones! So glam up your ringtone collection and get this awesome soundboard free of charge. You are about to listen to some amazing melodies that will surely become your favorite ringtone compilation! Fresh and new high frequency tones are waiting for you.
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Personalize your device with popular alarm ringtones! Show this unique soundboard to your friends and they will surely be impressed with your choice! This innovative collection of alarm ringtones is perfect for people of all ages, for teenagers as well as for adults, so do not hesitate and download free Cool Wake Up Alarm Clock Ringtone.s ! If you are getting tired of all the same choice of ringtones, then this will be a real refreshment for you!
*** Discover a unique soundboard for your iPhone! ***
If you are always ready to follow the newest trends for your device, then you are guaranteed to enjoy the newest ringtone app. The tunes are uplifting and charming, so you will surely enjoy listening to fabulous sounds each time your phone rings. Let the spectacular alarm clock ringtones turn a dull day into an awesome adventure! Unlimit yourself and get the dose of energy needed for each new challenge that comes your way. Have fun!

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Memerlukan iOS 7.0 atau versi lebih baru. Kompatibel dengan iPhone, iPad, dan iPod touch.

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Berperingkat 4+


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